Mr. Kane Zhang

CTO and Vice President of EZPro

CTS-D, CCNA, ENS Certified Engineer

Kane Zhang has 30 years of industry experience covers everything from conference audio systems to background music solutions to assembly halls, broadcast centres and public announcement systems.

He has experience in DSP programming and third party control software programming, as well as systems design testing and deployment, in abundance. He is also considered an expert in AV networking, possessing a variety of certifications, including Cisco’s CCNA, Extreme ENA&ENS, and other network engineering qualifications, as well as the InfoComm CTS-D Audio Engineering certificate.

He has been involved with the system design and commissioning of many large-scale projects throughout the region, including the Qingdao SOC summit, the Xiamen BRICS Summit, Hong Kong court of final appeal, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Macau Galaxy hotel. Kane enjoys staying current with emerging trends in technology and providing the highest quality technical consultation and support to customers.