Mr. LI Shengbo

Senior Director of Acoustic Engineering for Harman International

Steve Li, Master of Electro-Acoustics, presently works in Harman International as Senior Director of Acoustic Engineering, oversees the Acoustic Engineering Team in Harman, in charge of all Harman Consumer Audio product acoustic design. He is graduated from Acoustics Research Institute of Nanjing University in 1998, and used to work in Konka Group and Philips Audio as acoustic engineer and team supervisor.

After over 20 years study and work in audio industry, he has accumulated rich experiences on acoustic design and established an unique and advanced system of product development. In the mean time, he and his team have developed hundreds of consumer audio products, including hi-fi, Mini, Micro, Multi-Media, Home Theatre, Sound Bar, Docking, Wireless, Portable, and headphones. Many of them received positive reviews from experts and consumers, which had great impact to audio industry.

He is expert in audio system tuning, and has deep understanding on speaker driver, speaker system, DSP, and subjective evaluation. He founded and trained the “Golden Ears Committee” in Harman, which has greatly benefited the sound quality improvement.

He has positively influenced many engineers and coworkers in China, many of them are active in Audio industry and made great contribution to the product excellence.

He has published several papers in professional periodicals and is the co-author for the book “Loudspeaker System Theory and Applications”. He has filed 10+ patents on acoustic design.