Announcement and Call for Papers

Announcement and Call for Papers

8th International Symposium on ElectroAcoustic Technologies

March 18-19, 2023

Shenzhen, China



The 8th International Symposium on ElectroAcoustic Technologies (ISEAT) will be held in Shenzhen, China in 2023. The 8th ISEAT will be a giant international academic exchange event in the field of electroacoustics.

The symposium is organized by Shenzhen Research Institute of Nanjing University, and chaired by Professor Yong Shen of Nanjing University, who is currently the director of the Acoustics R&D Center of Shenzhen Research Institute of Nanjing University, the fellow of Chinese Institute of Electronics, a council member of the Acoustical Society of China, and the head of the Expert Group of the Electro-Acoustical Branch of China Electronic Components Association.

ISEAT is held every other year since 2007, and the 1st to 7th ISEAT have won worldwide  reputation in the field of electroacoustics itself and related. More than 700 attendees, including prestigious scholars, renowned experts, senior engineers, senior managers, technology decision-makers and industrial elites, are going to participate in the 8th ISEAT  to share and communicate with each other about their latest discoveries and developments in the applications for new technologies, materials, and equipment in the electroacoustics and relating area.


Chairman: Prof. Yong Shen

Organizer: Shenzhen Research Institute of Nanjing University

Held by: Acoustics R&D Center of Shenzhen Research Institute of Nanjing University



All submissions related to audio technology, including the latest research, engineering technologies, solutions, and knowledge presentations, etc.

The following topics will be preferred (but not be restricted to):

 ●  Mobile phone, portable audio etc.

 ●  Automotive audio, room audio etc.

 ●  Internet of things / Block chain / Big data

 ●  High-end equipment / intelligent manufacturing 

 ●  Acoustic & artificial intelligence

 ●  Loudspeaker, headphone, microphone, receiver & transmitter

 ●  Audio measurement

 ●  Audio software & tools  

 ●  Perception and subjective evaluation of sound quality

 ●  Hearing and hearing loss prevention

 ●  Novel materials and techniques for acoustics

 ●  Sound reinforcement

 ●  Recording, mixing, tuning

 ●  Home automation / Smart speaker / Intelligent speech

 ●  Immersive and 3D Audio

 ●  Audio signal processing

 ●  Active noise control

 ●  Speech enhancement

 ●  Architectural acoustics

 ●  Classroom, conference room, auditorium acoustics

 ●  Professional cinema & home theater

 ●  Gymnasium, theater, concert hall acoustics



 ●  Formal presentation:

20-minutes on-site presentation or pre-recorded video.

 ●  Short presentation:

3~10 minutes on-site presentation or pre-recorded video.



The official languages of the symposium are Chinese and English. English to Chinese translation will be required if the presentation is in English. If Chinese translation for the lecture and paper is needed, please contact organizing committee.

Presentation form including (but not be restricted to):

 ●  Keynote speeches

 ●  Master class

 ●  Technology demonstrations

 ●  Solutions demonstrations

 ●  Technical, Engineering reports

 ●  Knowledge lecture


All authors are kindly requested to submit the full papers and PowerPoint slides related to the topics of the symposium.

Mail address:

Subject:ISEAT2023 paper + topic


There are 3 options for submission: 1) Abstract, full paper, and PowerPoint slides for oral presentation; 2) Abstract and full paper only; 3) Abstract and PowerPoint slides only.

The abstract requires the title of the paper or PowerPoint slides, the name of authors, company name and E-mail address. The abstract must contain no more than 300 words, and should not include equations, numbered references, or footnotes.

Once the abstracts are accepted, the ISEAT paper template will be sent to authors.

All papers are expected to be 6~10 pages in length (including figures, tables, and illustrations). Oral presentation is expected to be 40 minutes or less in English and Chinese. The authors are kindly requested to submit the name who will participate the ISEAT2023.

Once the papers are accepted, the registration form and the assignment of copyright for publication will be sent.


  ●  Deadline for submission of abstract: June 24th, 2022

  ●  Notification of abstract acceptance: June 30th, 2022

  ●  Deadline for submission of PPT/full-length paper: July 17th, 2022

  ●  Notification of PPT/paper acceptance: July 31st, 2022

  ●  Deadline for submission of video presentation: August 5th, 2022

  ●  Confirmation of paper/ video/ representative presentation: August 12th, 2022



Mrs. Sophie Chen, Executive Director, E-mail:  

Prof. Yong Shen, Chairman, E-mail: