Prof. ZHANG Zhiliang

Department of physics, Zejiang normal University

Vice president of the Acoustical Society of Zhejiang province

Dr. ZHANG Zhi-liang was born in Feb. 1965. He is now a professor of physics department of Zhejiang Normal University. He has been serving in this university since 1987 when graduated from physics department of Nanjing University in acoustics. He received his Master and Doctoral degree from Nanjing University in acoustics in 1993 and Shanghai University in mechanics in 2007, respectively.

He has been engaged in the teaching and research work of acoustics since 1987,and published over forty papers in magazines of SCIENCE IN CHINA, JASA, JSV, JAES, APPLIED ACOUSTICS, ACTA ACOUSTICA and others. His research interests focused on the linear and nonlinear vibrations of loudspeaker shells in recent years.