Dr. David Griesinger

Recipient of Wallace Clement Sabine Medal

Silver medal recipient of AES

AES Fellow

David Griesinger is fascinated by the relationship between mathematical science and the recording, reproduction, and perception of music. His current work is on the mechanisms the ear and brain use to perceive sound, and how these mechanisms are affected by the acoustics in halls, operas, and classrooms of all types. After completing his PhD in physics in 1978 on the Mössbauer effect in Zinc 67, he independently developed one of the first digital reverberation devices, later to become the Lexicon 224. His work at Lexicon, lead to many products, such as the LARES reverberation enhancement system and the Logic7 surround system. He has worked as a classical music recording engineer all his life.  He is the recipient of the gold medal of the German Tonmeister Society, a fellow and silver medal recipient of the Audio Engineering Society, and a papers reviewer for the AES, ASA, and Acta Acustica. He lives in Cambridge Massachusetts, where enjoys his family, concerts, singing, playing French horn, and making HD video recordings of musical performances.